Enjoying the mix of PvE + PvP strategy maps in Clash of Clans

The wave of online strategy games, that hits the App Store lately, makes people get hard to find which is better than the other. You can even think that Clash of Clans was made from the same mold with other game when they both are different in graphic visual styles but have familiar ways to play. However, Clash of Clans is still having enough features to be recognized as a game worth playing.

Clash of Clans doesn’t have the “energy” limitations even after plenty of updates; this is a big difference from many other games. Besides that, the gold mines and elixir collectors become a good motivation. Whenever you log in, you’ll have gold and elixir waiting there to be collected, which makes you feel welcome and heartwarming – a motivation for you to come back at the right time.

This game has problem too. When you play long enough, the quests will start giving you some ridiculous orders, like requiring a large amount of gold/elixir that takes a whole day to collect. And the main purpose of these quests is to get you to purchase some gems and If you do something wrong, your Clash of Clans account will be lost.

Clash of Clans Attacks

But you don’t have to wait for the quest to complete! Go out there and kick some NPC Goblin tribes or destroy other players’ fortress. Starting a battle is a good way to practice, get some experiences, and test your attack plan. It’s fun for the most time but you only know the whole battlefield when you deployed all of your troops and wait them to finish, and that you lose all your troops whether you win or lose.

Clash of Clans is a good strategy game with more strengths than weaknesses. It gives you fun, active battles in a moment and also many different units to deploy in a match with endless reward. And the best thing is that you can choose to fight against NPC instead of real player. This make Clash of Clans a small unique feature than almost every similar strategy games that only has PvP combat.

What is the best Clash of Clans strategy?

In Clash of Clans, you face an enemy wall with Cannons in there and your Barbarians can’t destroy the wall in time, your Archers are attacking some resources without noticing the situation around them. You need a Barrack upgrade. After a while you have Giants and Wall Breakers, now you can beat them with some good Clash of Clans attack strategies.

Now you know it’s not that easy. The game provides you more and more advanced units and also requires you to have smart strategy and think about the units or elements that you should focus on when playing. You need more than having lots of warriors. Number is not the only matter; you need a plan, like where and when you release your units, and how they’re going to deal with the enemy buildings. The enemy has cannons at the entrance. You’ll need an air unit to drop bombs from above. There are bomb traps at the back. Destroy and go through the side wall.


You are controlling a rowdy clan. Of course you can’t manage over all of the things happen in the battlefield but you can give general orders.

When you first see your base exterminated by a real player, this is all training for that moment. You’ll watch the replay to see how it happened, rebuild, secure you base with traps. Then you can train troops, and go revenge.

Then you really want to make your base a more secure place with better defenses, attack other’s tribe with more deadly forms. It’s the motivation for you to come back and the match making system will make sure that you’ll never become too bored.

Clash of Clans is not perfect, of course; but its problems are not too big or too many. One of the issues is making you feel impatient when you want to scroll across your camp but it keep move a building. Another is that it keeps displays the loading process whenever you return to the home screen and then go back in. The game’s graphic is not really bad but the display is all 2D and the number of animation frames should be higher. And the time for the buildings to upgrade takes a little longer than desirable. It’s not exaggerated but when you just want to have something new and accomplish your new strategy, it might make you feel impatient.

Besides all of that, Clash of Clans and the new update is a really good game. That’s the reason why it can pass the test of time and still has a large, active player community. So try it! It’s free and it’s an excellent example of how freemium should work.


Clash of Clans – A Small Review

Clash of Clans full 1.7 was official released on June 13th 2012. After seeing some reviews, hearing some brags about the game and astounding with the amount of money that my friends had spent on this game; I started playing it. I always attract to this kind of game genre – strategy & tower defense. But when I played Clash of Clans, I was opposed to the failing, weakness common to many of free tower defense, world-building game titles: there’s very little skill and strategy involved in success.

Clash of Clans is some kind of a provisional but remarkable move towards changing this, but just some people can take time to recognize it. To play this game, you need to have skill, be good and as well as patient. And for that, Clash of Clans has the right to have recognition.

Your target in this game is building a great fortress of your own. At first, Clash of Clans asks you to build a village with everything the clan you are leading might need. A town hall, a gold mine to harvest money, an Elixir collector to collect this special resource, an army camp for your warriors – you now have lots of constructional work to be done.

After playing for a while, you unlock more buildings, develop your small village into a growing fortress, and take over the Clan Castle when you reach a high enough level. This Clan Castle allows you to forge loyalty with other players, upgrade your buildings, and create different types of warriors. There are many types of unit to unlock but none of them seems perfunctory, uncomplaining in the battle.

We cannot forget to mention the battles, where you appreciate and value the necessity for skill. The first few AI battles are always easy, you only need to make enough Barbarians to invade the Goblin tribe and watch them destroy. After that, you can unlock the archer units, and you think this will be easy but actually it’s only the beginning of everything.